Welcome to the Private School Wiki!We are the epic people who make epic animations and stuff so like, yeah. Private school is comprised of the epic people below....

MayC - Lick my thigh, lick my ass, lick my thigh and my ass

Xoriak - Please help Coda has taken my children away and he won't give them back until I give him springtrap with hair please

HalfSkull - Stop spoiling the movie bro

PizzaTony - No put, put, wait, you're gonna quote me on this? OK put this in it'll be funny! I wanna do a funny, wait Xoriak no, this won't look good on my reputation please I'm begging I'm on my toes! Please I have a family! Oh god! Eeeee suck my pussy please I am begging, uuuuh brooooo.

Coda - FNAF!

Ooblek - Hi, I'm Chucky?

Axie - Hahahah gabblebagongagoo hoo hoo

Starzall - Wait

Sprin - owo

Jamess - Epic gamer moment

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